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Management consulting that bridges the gap

Marketing, Sales, Operations & Change  Management Consulting

Bridg co.

Formed from 10+ years' experience in various roles and an overall desire to directly effect a client's bottom line. After being in marketing, sales, and operations roles, followed by working as the second employee for what became a Fortune 1000 startup management consulting firm, I have come to more than a few conclusions on how to push a needle.

At Bridg Co, we primarily work on big picture, cross functional solutions. Scoping a project, understanding that it is not just a single solution we are impacting, but how that one success could impact the company as a whole. At a high level - Bridg Co. is the utility player that sees Marketing, Sales and Operations as a whole picture, and seeks to effect change at a company level - not just a project or department specifically.

Leading executive level strategy and planning with both project and change management execution, allows our clients to optimize business processes so they can in turn focus on providing the best solutions for their customers. 


“I am consistently impressed by Brittany’s ability to both design the strategy for complex, high-visibility projects but direct their execution, down to the very last detail. Further, in my 20+ year career, she is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, and even during the busiest times, she always remained responsive, attentive and professional. Her dedication to clients and their success is an inspiration to me. I have no doubt she will add significant, long-term value to any organization.”

allison teska, MBA
director of communications, Rush Enterprises

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